Thursday, September 26, 2013

Here are some more pictures from Art
  Calligraphy/Lyrics by Skylar

Calligraphy/Lyrics by Hannah

 Calligraphy/Lyrics by Dustin

  Calligraphy/Lyrics by Mollie

 Calligraphy/Lyrics by Haley

 Calligraphy/Lyrics by Stacy

 Calligraphy/Lyrics by Abby

 Calligraphy/Lyrics by Ashley

 Calligraphy/Lyrics by Ashlyn

 Calligraphy/Lyrics by Trevor

 Calligraphy/Lyrics by Haley

 Gridwork Portrait by Trevor
Here are some of the assignments from Art III - Perspective shapes on Collage


Hello! This is Brenda Cloyed. I'm going to try and post student work online this year in a virtual gallery. Hope this works! Send feedback to Thanks!